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.Hack Versus ost pics info


I thought I'll show you since I'm in the mood

.Hack Versus ost, Yess! my ost come in here comes the scans!
Cover to end

.Hack versus ost info
everyone tougher

Hack Versus ost info2, a little bit more
more artwork

Hack Versus inside, Inside the cd I forgot to look even there >_>
Forgot Tokio it was inside the CD >_>;

Hack Versus ost last, Noo I didn't scan all of it the rest of them was pic we already saw
Last the end

noo I didn't scan all of it since the rest are pics we already saw from the trailers but this made me want to scan them but I soo want my game now but half of the songs make me think of the stages and 'wtf' moment because how cute they sound...maybe it's me...

DL to the music is below this post see it for yourself

Edit-NVM Just found out they made a wall paper out of it! >_> link removed
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