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.Hack Versus Facts!

The Analog Pad is used to move your character.
- The Cross Button X is for jump and Boost Dash.
- Square is your regular attack.
- Circle is throw.
- Triangle is Strike Attack, which launches up your enemies and can be charged up first to make it unblockable.
- R1 is guard.
- The Crack Burst is used with the buttons R1+Triangle and can be used to knocks an enemy back.
- Holding L1 opens the Skill Trigger.
- Every character has an Exceed too, which triggers a mode change. You can activate this by pressing L1 and R1 at the same time.
- Every character also has a Ultimate Skill assigned to L1 + R2.
- Escape R1 Escape use it win the foe attacks to avoid attacks
- Win you go flying press X

it seems Tsukasa specializes on long range attacks, Ovan uses his Steam Gun as both a gun a sword and gets ultra-overpowered when he releases his AIDA Arm and Sakuya is a speedy character and when you fight her you're actually fighting two characters. Hermit accompanies her in battle but it seems the more you and the higher the fights are the more harder it becomes

I found this info on the web hard to find into on the combat info btw I did get my game but I'm watching how the others are playing the game but I do pretty badly at fighting games >_> I might not last long lol if you like a fighting game buy this game import it
I'm not too sure about the Escape one I was half a sleep win I found that info and I wrote it down and I forgot to save the website >_< not only that I erased my history because firefox was freezing...I know foolish of me

If you buy the game know the facts before playing I had to find the info no one else would tell me ugh...

don't worry I will scan what comes with it later I won't forget!
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