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.Hack Versus so far


From what I did gather

-Weapons are unlocked by doing more S ranks
-You unlock everyone by order or winning fights
-I don't know if Tokio is even unlockable after you beat AIDA Ovan for everyone that seems to be the last story rank he still not unlockable not unless it's something else
-You have to fight Dark/AIDA of everyone in different fights be warned they are more fast and powerful
-the 10 rank fight is Dark-AIDA Ovan
-Tokio you can use him in training fights even in the start and you can use him on online fights

So giving the timeline and what they say I say the timeline is messed up again >_>
and What I've found out the rumor among youtube is Tokio has taken Saika place at her job?
and yes he still using his real body to fight why did he change his job class I don't know
Tokio age is about 19-20 years old that's good from 14 year old from link so he has not seen his friends or AI for about 5-6 years? in this game they don't seem to remember him at all
Kite do knows who BlackRose is so do Haseo who knows who Ovan is very ironic that he still thinks that Kite IS Tri-Edge even if Ovan use Tri-Edge attack on him they didn't fix that
I'm guessing memories are messed up along with the timeline

I can just see it

"Do you know Tri-Edge?" Haseo
"I'm Tri-Edge" Ovan says
"No not you I mean Tri-Edge!" Haseo says
"But I AM Tri-Edege" Ovan says
*Kite walks in*
"So you two enjoying the world to?" Kite ask
"Tri-Edge!" Haseo says
*Facepalms* Ovan

Yeah that's messed up in this game Kite is still Carefree as usual even with Ovan and Haseo around BlackRose still stubborn and Tsukasa don't really care and Ovan is evil in battle and after he wins he says something cryptic like he did in GU and Haseo is still after Tri-Edge and Sakuya and Sora they are just their but I don't know why Tokio is there maybe to try and stop Versus or help the player? who knows he shows in the movie to watching Sora and her friends

BlackRose is kind of like a tank even win she users her Exceed watch out for that her downfall she kind of slow
Ovan Exceed is his AIDA fight like you did in GU except he can move faster
Kite Exceed is Azure Flames yes they given him that and his skill from link witch was Tri-Edge sign
Tsukasa Exceed is his Guardian witch will not attack unless you attack and is useless
Sakuya Exceed is she becomes fast and powerful
Sora Exceed is her Leveling up her max is lv 3 witch she is fast as Kite is she also has her two friends who do some attacks if she misses that's L1 hold ect
Haseo Exceed is his X-form he has 2 attacks from GU and he's a bit fast

in battle you can use L1 to pall up the skills and hold L1 and the other to use a skill
now if they added DLC that would be fun to see I have not really played as Tokio but I see a lot of people who do the online VS play him this is the info that I have so far
This is the info I've got from watching videos of people playing the game myself only got past the 1st fight but I mostly play in the training area

Kite is easy to use as for Haseo it takes some combos to use him Ovan is too slow unless he is in exceed mod but he also a tank if you get him into exceed mod before time runs out Blackrose is another combo fighter beside her mid being slow Sora is weak not unless you get her up to lv 3 in her exceed and she IS the only one who can throw bananas at the target
You can also change the controls in the menu win you are training I often change the L1+R1 from there Exceed and final skill since they are the same it's random that you can get the final skill and more often that you get the exceed so but it is fun if you know what your doing I also heard that you can add BMG to the game from your PS3 I have add one song to test it out but I can't get it to work you can also change everyone background music but I have not found out how to but I'm happy with the game it's fun
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