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Beat The Game Finally Ugh...

Hello agin.

At this late of the night...or morning. I mark the time recap about how I beat the game as I sad before I found the Final Boss to be annoying one not Kite Clone fight but that Dame Azural Flame God thingy ugh I sware It was all or nothing for me I had to move around a lot not stand in one spot becuse of Fireballs and that Dame Plant attack but in the end it was Skeith or Azural Flame God to die so I was lucky to Get Protect Brake and I Data Drain it right away...but Ugh that thing is annoying but yeah I was thinking on what to do now since I beat .Hack//G.U. ah I love that game but I didn't know what they was saying that was kind of sad for my part but I Finished it and It make me wonder what happend to poor Atoli at the end and as I recap at the Fight with Tri-Edge a.k.a. Clone Kite I was thinking Hey!... why didn't they make Kite move like that in battle I mean fly around in mid air like the Final Boss in Star Ocean 2...I forgot his name that guy with red hair...but not once he touched the ground it was odd but kind of cool in the way but yeah it not Fair that they make Clone Kite that cool now that we're not playing as him oh well maybe after all the madness is over and Anna Clones A.I.D.A's are gone just maybe we might be able to get Kite not Tri-Edge but I don't see that happing if it did I don't think Haseo would be to happy but I would be. but yeah well all have to see what lies ahead in Vol.2 and Vol.3 as I sad before I think you have to fight Tri-Edge two more times he's kind of like Cubia but he has Kite's logo name win you fight him in a normal battle so...more qustions well be answer in the future I Hope so. after all this madness of beating the game...I'm Want to do a Fanfiction now. I might be able to since I got nothing to do agin...

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