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Hack Versus Cutscenes+Ending


You first met Tokio

Tokio don't look to good

Tokio talking about what's going on or something

Ending Video Kite and BlackRose helps Tsukasa who sees Ovan then Haseo who running and stops to see Ovan and remembers the past as Tokio breaks the Awkward between them and makes them shake hands and we see Tokio who starts running and Hermit makes him fall and jumps into Sakuya arms who skips across the way and Sakuya who goes around Sora who just standing their and Sakuya pushes her forward Sakuya and Sora moment lol before Sora waves Sakuya off at the ending everyone is there so yeah I'm guessing they all remember there history at the end
Now if only there was a cheat to make Haseo stay in his X-form in the whole game
I'm guessing that Haseo don't really care for Tri-Edge now that he realized that Ovan was him lol JK sorry I had to say that You can tell that I really dislike the whole Idea of Haseo and Ovan tougher meh after I found out that he has Azure Kite arm on his missing arm that what ticked me off sorry fan girl upset moment here *ignore me*

Bonus that Sora world and what's going on IS Aura dream or fantasy it's not real that why you see her in HER real garden area all the little white lights you see I think they are worlds of what did happen and in reality Aura still trapped locked in some cage that makes sense right? no it don't it just leaves more questions to ask what really did happen? or was Sora World and Experiments something Aura did dream of? makes me think that Versus is something Aura dreamed of or not to think too deep about this alright?

So that means at the end everyone remembers everything else that just leaves us to imagine what else is going to happen after this but this is what's going on with this game I hope you did like it I know I did like the game I had to find movies since I don't really do movies myself so yeah see you guys/girls later!

Btw- I really dislike this hot weather we been having that why I'm not posting much now if only namco makes a REAL .Hack RPG game sure they are trying to change it but I think RPG .Hack games is what people want but that's just my Ideas
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