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Tales of Xillia Fun Facts01


This is my feelings on Tales of Xillia I DO have the game yes I've imported it from Japan because like most I thought it would be amazing but the game itself is really short sure they do give you a lot of DLC outfits that you can to buy and I did here that we might get all the DLC unlike how they did to us with Tales of Graces F *Cough* yeah I'm still upset about that we need the last of graces dlc outfits

anyhow the battle system is easy to get use to

Milla story is fun to play but Jude acts like a stalker and follows her

Win you get the Level up dlc DO not use them in the begging of the game because you will lose it I learn the hard way after you get to your first town then you can use the dlc because the dlc levels don't stay around in the begging after part 01 they vanish >_< dlc levels are 5 levels win you past part 01 then you can use the 5 levels and the levels well stay yeah I did lose the first 5 levels stupid of me lol

First part after the machine drains away Milla powers she losses all her skills well not all of it she becomes useless you remember how Emil played in the begging Tales of Symphonia 2 Dawn of the New world before he become Ratatosk? that how Milla fights now until you get her powers back >_> very ironic that Jude becomes more heroic after this he attacks more in battles but Leon's DLC outfit don't fit him since he uses fist and not sword this game is fun but expected the unexpected Milla get outfits some I like and some I don't like I stop after I got to the second town but yeah do your homework before you buy a game that's all I say I'm going to wait for the English one to finish this game
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