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hot and cold our weather can't make up it's mine what got me depressed that MY PS3 crashed and I've lost all my saves T_T yeah Tales of Graces F saves what hurt me the most and all my dlc I've got for it I've found my Disgaea 3-4 saves on a usb drive and was lucky with that one that why I've been so 'mum' right now so I just order Tales of Vesperia Japanese Ver (and it should be here very soon) for the Ps3 and well start that if I'm not sucked into the world of Guild of Wars 2 >_< hard to ignore since I've been playing since beta test but yeah I had to re-buy another Ps3 and recover my account there but that's what's going on with me but my mom has to remind me to take a break often those online games well steal your soul lol jk

but if anything else happens or any news I can find I'll let you guys know

PS- And you know win I get depressed how long it takes me to get over it that annoying part being a full Taurus
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