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.Hack Guilty Dragon Translation EN

"The Legend of the Three Powers and the Relief

In order to purify the “Eight Curses” that burdened the Guilty Dragon,
long ago, in this world, the Three Powers vied for supremacy of the continent,
fighting a long battle.
The Citadel of Power Bal Kul held a civilization skilled in the ways of the Broadsword.
The Capital of Skill Lifaan held a civilization skilled in the ways of the Twin Blades.
The Hidden Province of Magic Celeca held a civilization skilled in the ways of the Wave Staff.
However, before the great war, called “The World Disaster,” fought between “Evil” and “Humanity” could take over, the Three Powers joined forces, and helped mankind dismiss the evil.
A grave sin was committed by the evil Dragon, as a turning point in the “betrayal”...
and as time passed, the superpowers lost their power, leaving behind chaos.
The “Temple of the Guilty Dragon” is located on an island no longer held in the memories of the people.
In this place, only the frame of the “Relief of the Guilty Dragon” is kept.
The Relief was broken into eight pieces during the conflict a long time ago. Legend has it that the pieces are scattered all over the world.
Those who succeed in restoring the Relief will receive a “Baptist's Blessing” that will purify the sins of the Dragon and bestow the power to restore the world."-End of Quote

Broadsword-Blackrose OR Mimiru or Mary or Rena or Midori
Twin blade-Kite or his copies or Alkaid or Natsume
Wave Staff- Tsuksa has to be it
Evil Dragon- Evil looking Kite copy?? or someone else

I've just found this info this sounds more like a story of betryal and pain or it has to with people/npc/players we never met before


Go read it so that the story of Guilty Dragon if it's true I've just found this info so think about it
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