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The return of .Hack False


"Gematsu is reporting at Comic-Con in New York that there is a new .hack game in development and has yet to be officially announced by CC2.

Matsuyama, CyberConnect2's President and CEO, exclaimed to Gematsu at Comic Con: “There is actually a [.hack] title that has yet to be revealed, in which we will implement new ideas. Stay tuned for details, as we’re not allowed to release them right now."

Is this a return to a proper .hack RPG? Stay tuned.

Source: Gematsu"

So yeah this is more news from me and no I'm not dead my mother had Eye surgery in her right eye and I have to take care of her now but she said her version is getting better so what they said about .Hack Versus was a lie that WAS the end of .Hack I just hope they bring back the old style rpg that .Hack always had that what I did like about that game Versus was alright but .Hack is not a fighting game leave that to Tekken so this is good news for us right?

UPDATE- New .hack game in development [Update: False] I am very humbly sorry to report this, but there appears to have been an error in translation. Upon requesting a review of the tape by a second interpreter, we discovered that the original quote left out a key point. While it’s difficult to make out the exact wording from the recording, it has now become clear that the game mentioned is not necessarily related to the .hack series. I apologize for publishing this misinformation (I take this very seriously) and look forward to hearing about the new project, whatever it may be! Big thanks to Sokuho@Hokanko for publishing this tweet from Matsuyama-san I would have otherwise not seen.

So yeah it was all False they blame it on translation error this is how dreams die you know but yeah nothing new to report here

Update- OCT-17-12

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