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Square Enix reveals Final Fantasy Versus XIII “Noctis” eau de toilette fragrance



"Today’s breaking news comes from Square Enix merchandise guru Hidemi Matsuzuka, who updated his Twitter feed with a single shot of what will become the next official FF Versus XIII goods.

Accompanied by the single line of “Prince!” Hidemi “Mad Dog” produced a picture of a new version of fragrance with “Noctis” Eau de Toilette branding aside it. Similar to the Cloud, Sephiroth, and Lightning versions available in the past, this one will likely contain a strap themed around the game world in addition to a price of around ¥7,140.

So why tease such goods now? Perhaps the warm spring is approaching quicker than anyone realizes, and movement on the title has begun. Some have speculated that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will indeed see its re-reveal soon – a promise made several months ago by Producer Shinji Hashimoto. The game has been shrouded in mystery since its appearance at the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere back in January 2011. Since then rumors have swirled concerning the game’s cancellation and possible move to a next generation platform.

With Sony set to reveal the PlayStation 4 this week, anticipation couldn’t be higher." End of Quote

So we get fragrance no rumors about the game going to PS4 or update about this game what are you ideas on this??


I hope I don't have to buy a PS4 for this game but I do want it I hope this fragrance smells good

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