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.Hack Guilty Dragon PV-2


スマホ用ゲームアプリ「ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い」第2弾PV

*Fan girl Screams* Alright I'm done lol I want this phone game really really bad it painful since I don't have this one I do have a phone but it's not a Iphone it's a blackberry and I don't know if it well work on it yes I have to wait until June to get a new phone I'm under a contract but I want this game in English so upgrade for the game they are getting Tsukasa and what looks like BlackRose since they already have Phantom Kite and Phantom Haseo so what's up with all the phantoms? I have no Idea since I don't have the game I know sorry

Tags: .hack, .hack//guilty dragon, add on, app, news, update
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