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.Hack Japanese Links...

Hello eveone.

I've come here To night to talk about the Odd couples of .Hack//G.U. and hopes no one kills me becuse what I found...let's see I found a lot of Doujinshi beside fanfiction but I can't read it since my Japense is down to naught...*Sweet Drops* and how did I find these links just click around a lot but it taken me about 5 hours to find it.

Ah a Webright that holds the future of fan art and fan couples of .Hack//G.U. don't blame me if there a bit odd...even if 'Slash' is big over there *Rise her hand for fan girl* to bad no one caught the wave of hits couples in the game...*sighs* *Wishes to make some art of fan couples but can't draw*

Couples I found over there was-
HaseoXShino (Saw that one coming)
HaseoXSailbus (There are a lot of web sight for them...)
HaseoXKuhn (Uh vary little for them)
HaseoXOvan (Cute couple some like them)
HaseoXEndrance (One Doujinshi on them...I think...)
HaseoXBo (A Couple of Pic of them)
HaseoXAtoli (Few Pic of them)
HaseoXTri-Edge (Suprised there are some Doujinshi on them)
HaseoXPai (Not vary much)
AtoliXOvan (One websight or ring about them)
KuhnXEndrance (A couple of Pic of them)
Tri-EdgeXShino (I think I'm dead...but one websight on them alone...)
Tri-EdgeXSailbus (Somone likes them as a couple...)
Tri-EdgeXOvan (Believe it I did find one 'M' Doujinshi on them...)

But yeah it pritty funny to see some Doujinshi like that but yeah some people can draw really good I wish some people over here can start doing couples like this but I have not run in to OvanXShino one yet witch I'm dying to see (Loves them as a couple among many others) and no KuhnXPai pic yet or I'm not looking in the right place...but a lot of Doujinshi is base on Jelousy and Romance so it pritty funny and some are sweet and serious and dark...take for hit ShinoXTri-EdgeXHaseoXOvan love thing now that what I call a love story but that's on that ShinoXTri-Edge websight (Not a huge fan of them...) about the fanfiction I can say how it is since I can't read Japense as for the couples my safe I'll post it later on...with all the doujinshi hits it make me want to do a fic...

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