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So long 4share


Time for update I've got reported on 4 share if you noticed they finally banned me it was on of my English songs so whoever was stalking my 4sahre account didn't seem to like me very much it not the first time they reported me so none of my links work for music however

hello Mediafire I'm not going to upload all my files just the ones people like music from Rozen Maiden maybe some of the hack music and music like ar tonelico but yes I guess they say its true watch what you upload but 4 share did give me my music all of it so I made a back up file in my PC just in case something dose happen now if only Photobucket well let me download my albums I have a lots of pics there otherwise this is a update saying goodbye to 4share and hello to Mediafire lets hopes this works out and I'm not going to upload any English songs anytime soon after this
oh right I did noticed on the Japanese links of .hack pages some of the links did drop out mostly what did surprised me is that most of the people who did fan art are gone so the pics I've got from that place...I'll think about it for now we'll see how long I stay with Mediafire
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