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.Hack//G.U. Vol2. Scans...*Cough*

Hello Eveone.

Yes I know I'm late with this but I was bored and working on my Fic is a bit...not easy got to play more Final Fantasy...blah anyhow here you go.

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And it looks like Tri-Edge is alive after you beat him...but we get to see a Evil looking Balmung and Orca and what looks like they are fighting ANNA?!...O_o I thought you know...
Tri-Edge is evil they would be evil also... but all is not what it seems and they are stading ware Yata and Pai hang out that 'Home' Place so who is going to be the boss in Vol.2. if it not Balmung nor Orca?...we going to fight Tri-Edge/Kite agin?...I got some Theory on this one why Tri-Edge is in that Box and his eyes are yellow....maybe that was his Orginal place until Roots begain and some how he was set free by 'someone?' and Balmung and Orca can't defeat him to put him back in that box agin...OR Balmung and Orca are trying to bring him back...ugh head hurts all I know Balmung and Orca are acting diffrent maybe they might have some logic sense to 'Talk!' but yeah it would be odd but in a cool way if they join you're party in vol.3 then who would be the Bad guys?!...but yeah I hope they bring back BlackRose it would be more fun if they did. but yeah this all my info and yes I know it's late news I'll try and be more update with G.U. but thanks for listing.

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