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『ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い』第4弾プロモーションムービー


kind of looks like Azure BlackRose to me O_o she has belts! and they taken that dragon from GU it seems and they are using Azure Kite vocal theme from GU! Kite Vocal theme omg! so...that Phantom Kite from GD is Azure Kite? it would make sense if he just floating around it just one theory we have no proof if that Phantom Kite IS Azure Kite but .Hack Guilty Dragon has been updated I SO want this game so bad now if only they added Phantom BlackRose to GU that would of been fun so what do you guys think of it? I want to call this BlackRose, Azure BlackRose but this is Phantom BlackRose so I need to remind myself this is not Azure BlackRose lol
I'm excited for it that's for sure so let's hope we get this game in the future if not I'm going to DL it in Japanese you can get it here
Link- if you want to play the Japanese game I want the English ver with this and Shinigami Messiah I'm happy I've got the right phone for it I hope we get both .Hack Guilty Dragon and Shinigami Messiah I just noticed at the end Skeith!? so we get to fight Skeith to? I thought he was inside Haseo so he's not inside of Phantom Haseo? I wonder if they are going to test Skeith out and add the rest of the 7 phases later? but yes that is GU Skeith

So the plot thickens we have Phantom Kite who goes around trying to fight players then we have Phantom Haseo who likely chasing after players or Phantom Kite and then we have Phantom Tsukasa who just there and now we have Phantom BlackRose who might be chasing after Phantom Kite or the players and then they added Skeith but what role would he play? Beside being the Terror of Death this give me a idea for a story let me think about it sorry for editing this so many times I'm just so excited about it
Tags: .hack, .hack guilty dragon, bandai, bandai namco, blackrose, haseo, ios, kite, namco, news, online game, smart phone, tsukasa

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