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Per-Order .Hack//G.U. Vol.2.

Hello evone.

Find this one late yes I did per-oder it and they do send so get you're copy of Vol.2 before time runs out...good god I sound like a pop up...^_^;;

But yeah I do get things from this place some times I also am getting the G.U. Music from there hopefully they have a lot of songs on the CD. but yeah I can't wait for Vol.2 to come out but I still wanna know who the Final Boss is in vol.2...I wish some hade a hit or something hopefully it not Tri-Edge agin...or else he's copying a Cubia battle...*Cough* back on topic this place is a good place to order from since I have no Crad to use only Money orders...take a look around they have some good things from Japan store.


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