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Tales of Zestiria PV Normal and Fan Subbed


Normal ver without Subbed

Subbed by a Fan who knows Japanese

Ohhh I love the Japanese Voices

"During the trailer, the protagonist Slay also mentions that he dreams of finding a way that allows humans and those of the Heavenly Tribe to happily live together, similar to the days of the “legendary era”
We also get to see Slay, who is about to pull out the holy sword, state that he is ready to become a Monk. Before doing so, Laila warns him that it would mean he shall become her vessel and will have to carry the fate on his back.

Slay confidently responds by saying that he believes the dream he’s chasing might be a way to save mankind and the Heavenly Tribe, and if that’s the case, he’ll become a Monk.

Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for PlayStation 3"


So he's trying to find a away to allow humans and heavenly tribe to live together this reminds me of Tales of Rebirth without the "Kureaaaa!" sorry just had to do it lol I hope Slay get Veigue outfit or even better a Veigue Cameo but Tales of Zestiria looks good this game has lots of hints already not that I mind hum-hum
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