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I think I over did it


I went a little crazy buying Doujinshi I couldn't find any more .Hack ones so I went after Tales of Xillia 2 and Persona Doujinshi most of them are mainly yaoi some are light fluff and some are normal but I have no place to post them that got me started on working on TOX2 and Persona fics >_< yeah again no place to post them not unless I make a new community *cough* so I'm thinking really hard on this it might be as mix of Tales and Persona community win I do get TOX2 in English that is going to push me to do more TOX2 fics I've already played the Japanese ver and I saw the True ending IN English already on youtube *cough* spoiler anyhow win Persona Q comes out I'll be making more Persona fics so yes I'm behind on .Hack fics I wish Guilty Dragon would come out to the US but I did find a good place to BUY Doujinshi that IS not ebay *smiles* so that why I went a bit crazy >_>; but oh my god Persona Q Doujinshi sells fast O_o so I got to keep a eye out for that so this a mini update and what I'm doing right now I'm waiting for my TOX2 CE

update- I was also into Devil Survivor for a bit to did a couple *cough* fics for it so a Community that going to hold them all... humm
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