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Persona Q weddings EN


I thought I'd post the PQ weddings I do like

Margaret O_o yeah I do like this believe it or not o_O ~Plays P4U Margaret theme~

Teddy you just proven yourself to be a Uke why you so upset Naoto?

Minato you're so Tsundere here or is it me? I myself see's P3 hero as such a Tsundere it just the way I view him but people have different ideas

Souji you're the Uke here lol somehow to me this fits but as I said before everyone has different ideas here

So yeah those are all I find inserting but so far PQ is good do enjoy the English ver VS the Japanese one but yes happy new year! and yes it's not all the weddings
Tags: 3ds, en, persona q, video, weddings, ペルソナQ

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