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Tales of Zestiria DLC


I order mine from CD Japan it was in the rubber strap's pouch that small black bag but It did finally come it this surprised me that they put dlc in part of the First Press External Bonus btw the links on the manual goes to question site they ask about how you like the game ect it has nothing to do with the bonus dlc that comes with the rubber strap in the questions I told how I felt about the game and what I would like to see the future tales on and the rubber strap I got was ミクリオ/Mikurio

People are asking about the DLC to start to the game if YOU Got the First Press External Bonus that comes with the rubber strap you're good to go people that order from play-Asia might not get it >_< yes it looks like they are going to run out of dlc codes for this game some people are selling it online you just have to look for it but yes this is a move they pulled for this I've already got done with the Q and A that the links go with the game that's on the back of the manual book my Japanese is somewhat broken but it was enough to finish the Questions they ask so just a warning if you order from Play-Asia you might of gotten it or not heads up alright time to use my yen cards that are collecting dust and buy more dlc

And my game did come in *Fan girl screams* the game is kind of like .hack//Versus they did a OVA/Game combo O_o it surprised me but you need the DLC that comes with the rubber strap to get the dlc and add it to the game >_> yeah real smooth move they did
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