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Tales of Zestiria =Edit= rant post gone

Ninja edit o_O looks like my thoughts of this game is going to have to wait

---- Quote
update= - for PR material, they reveal character information based on the order the characters first appear in game
- officially, the role of main heroine is not set, they want gamers to experience the story then decide for themselves (but they still got the event host to cosplay as Alisha...)
- Baba apologize for the confusion caused by the character reveal order (typical Japanese PR talk)
- currently there are no plans for PS4 port
- still no Chinese version
------end of quote

So major update= NO main Heroine this is offical but it's in Chinese O_o looks like Alisha is Flynn

omg the fan base is going nuts seriously I'm feeling mixed emotions now *weakness*

Link= not to happy fan base but some are happy

Sorry about the edit so NO plans for PS4 T_T it would of look beautiful okay this changes the story now and the game story O_o I'm still surprised I just pulled this off gamefaqs I can't read Chinese so I don't know if this true or not

update Quote= Well, apparently the complete scan of the Alisha DLC story says "The story of Alisha and Rose’s bond! A tale of burning friendship between girls takes the center stage! ".
O_o >_<; o_O uh Yuri anyone? this is from gamefaqs to alright this is getting hectic my poor emotions lol I'm happy, sad, excited and curious now wow if all this is true then...omg alright I got to think this over more oh right I'm not too sure if this quote is real or not until the DLC is out so mark this one as a theory for now until we have proof
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