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Tales of Zestiria rambling ideas that are on my mind

Alright just start going to the wind temple 😒 since I've already saw the ending I'm not in that much of a rush btw I'm hearing mixed news now some people who got the latest tales magazine are saying that Mikleo outfit is just a different color and it has nothing to do with Slay it seems they are slowly trying to down play the deep bond that Mikleo and Slay have so if we ever get a dlc or toz2 I think it will be like TOGF maybe I shouldn't worry too much about it? About that outfit I have no idea if its true or not it just a rumor for now about the whole DLC it was alright I saw it online I myself would like more DLC beside focus on the girls or if they give us more girls and rolling around lol just kidding! But yeah TOZ Had a cliffhanger ending that's for sure and a 100 years went by? That's a long time maybe my thoughts will change win I do beat the game >_> but yeah I'm feeling mixed emotions now it seems the new manga is more uh deep and open about Mikleo and slay O_0 that is until the girls enter and it all got chaotic by the way I'm using my ipad to type this message >_< yeah it's new to me >_> so this is my ideas for now for now you can say this is just rambling of a fan girl

Btw the manga is online I did dl it but it's on my pc >_> now since this come from online I really want the handbook copy to make it real so I don't want to put trust in it yet but the artwork is pretty hum I don't think its out yet? I'll take a look in this later
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