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PS4 Hints of huh? seriously or just teasing us?

they are talking about upcoming games for the PS4 I think I'm not too sure what this means my broken Japanese can't help this time around T_T or maybe he is playing TOZ on PS3? I don't know something going down we don't know what going on yet


So the Alisha DLC is just a teaser!? we all know that was a cliffhanger ending and TOZ ending itself was a cliffhanger ending poor Mikleo waiting that long for Sorey but that means we'll have to buy all the DLC all over again >_>; hopefully the Alisha DLC is in the package before I get way too hyped over this I want them to confirm it and TOZ is not even out in the US yet not unless they are going to scrap the PS3 version and go with PS4 version if they go with the PS4 version you can bet more DLC is added For me it don't really matter I own both PS3 and PS4 I was one of the lucky ones to get a PS4 the first ones and not have issues with it


A part of me wants to believe this and a part of me wants more proof but we don't have the proof yet sure PlayStation Japan is coming out with this video but no word on NamcoBandai Japan so did PlayStation Japan put it up too soon? or is something else going on? *cough* TOZ on PC? not PS4?

Link- Youtube Nbgi videos Namcban

Link- PlayStation JP videos

Or maybe PlayStation Japan is saying something? omg don't let the hype drown you until we get more info this all might be just hints >_<; for now it's unconfirmed until they come out and Worst-case scenario PlayStation Japan is just advertising TOZ for the PS3 Noooo *cough* alright this emotional drama is over with for now.

'Off topic what they said a bit ago- currently there are no plans for PS4 port'

And now we get hints to PS4/PC online Port I think we need more information
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