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Movie Time...

Hello eveone.

I found some old and new movies on Vol.2 so bare with me I had to post something to say I'm still alive and looking for old and new news of G.U. for all those who have not seen this but it's good to watch them once a wale.

Man I can't wait for Vol.2 to come out even if it's in Japanese.

So now you have Two G.U. Vol.2 Movies kind of make me wonder what is Tri-Edge up two beside being alive...and Atoli being under AIDA but yeah those are good places to keep update with G.U. also beside me updating this Journal remeber Vol.2 is out 9-28-06 so per-order yours today geez sound more like a pop up add...btw you know after beating vol.1 of G.U. I still don't know what they are saying...*Sweet drop* yep I know vary little Japenase and how I beat the game and find good G.U. couples sights in Japenase...I do not know...I call it my Earth Sign Insight also keep checking and to keep updates beside coming here.

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