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Tales of Zestiria limbo?


With all the PS4/PC hints it seems the last DLC we are getting is alisha-dlc-scenario

"Tales Of Zestiria, the latest entry of the series released last month on PlayStation 3 in Japan, has recently received a new DLC scenario but it looks like there won’t be more coming.

It’s been confirmed on the Tales Of Zestiria Official Complete Guide Book that the team has no plans of continuing the story with more DLC packs. This is really disappointing considering that the Alisha After Episode ends with a cliffhanger and the party setting out on a new adventure." == End of Quote


Link- Japan ver

So either they are going to leave TOZ in limbo with a cliffhanger ending and forget the cliffhanger ending that Alisha DLC is hinting at or they are going with PS4/PC but right now they are saying again "No plans"

So our fears have to light they are going to drop Alisha dlc story all together that what I'm getting out of this but WE are seeing hints to PS4 and PC online so what is going on?? my emotions went from Believe in me to Melancholic Memories from TOX T_T
It not funny how they play with people emotions so the is a theory that the US if we get the PS3 we might not get Alisha dlc story? it would be one big cliffhanger not unless they change the text and dialog but that won't match the Japanese story that the team is going on a new adventure well waiting for Sorey this is a whole new mess now

Source of the news

So what emotions they sparked and the talk about Alisha dlc scenario and how it's going to stay like that >_> not unless they push for PS4/PC online but right now they are not pushing for it so what is going to happen to our dear Tales of Zestiria? we don't know looks like we are going to have to wait more

See the topic below for info about all the online hints or

Link- or go here
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