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Tales of Zestiria rambling ideas that are on my mind 02


Got Deeper in the story and Tales of Zestiria is making sense

Link- this is where the original one is

So far--Spoilers--you have been warned

After collecting the memory orbs half way and getting more of the story spoilers are in tact

Most annoying boss so far Medusa me 'why won't you die!?' hit by stone >_>;
the whole Mikleo and Sorey relationship wow it has it rocky edges alright for me they fought win Rose join and until Denzel died *cough* that was a long time >_< for me it was but there is a reason why Denzel is so protective of Rose it showed in spoilers

so you decided what's going on here

back to Mikleo and Sorey the game like to give you different kinds of hints it like to throw you off what is really going on between them *cough* and you CAN miss skits at the inn you got to buy food to get skits >_<; I don't know if I missed a skit or not since they are not listed as events oh right I heard TOZ WAS written two different people that why sometimes the story is like 'what?' moment for me it was I don't know if it's true or not but that what I'm hearing it was going around online what people was saying

so far Sorey/Slay Mikleo relationship feels like a strategy game that what I'm getting from it it's different from any other relationship then I've seen so far and yes Zaveid reminds me of Zelos wilder from TOS the whole flirty with women but 'I secretly want you' yeah...saw that coming

plot twist I would of like to seen in the game that won't happen Sorey to join the dark side it would of been a plot twist alright the bad ending for this game isn't really that bad once you understand it unlike TOX2 bad ending O_o *cough* but this is my intake on how the game feels for me so far

I hope win we do get the English version we don't get a messed up one I hope they don't change the dialog and story that much VS the Japanese one that one thing they tend to do with American games and I hope we get good voice actors and I really hope they don't mess up the voices that's it so far I might do a last rambling later
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