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Tales of Zestiria OST

My Tales of Zestiria OST has come in alright it's been in but I didn't have time to scan it >_<; I almost forgot about it >_>

Tales of Zestiria OST photo TOZ CD_zpszihkqxom.jpg

Tales of Zestiria OST Backside photo TOZ CD 02_zpsrrjkzegx.jpg

it come with Post Cards O_O

of everyone I'm not scanning them all >_>; it even come with a sticker of the CD cover I might see what songs are on this CD I just open it and it looks pretty nice

Yes they still make CD's *cough* digital MP3's I thought they would do that
Tags: cd, cd pic, tales of zestiria, tales of zestiria ost, toz, テイルズ オブ ゼスティリア

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