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.Hack Guilty Dragon update again so far


I've told you in the past that I was using BlueStacks to play the app right? I'm now at level 29 whoo and I just re figured out how to fuse cards again >_<; I'm talking about taking them and fusing them into another card and making it powerful today I met a lv 4 and the highest I saw was lv 98 and someone keeps sending me random cards or items but my luck on getting full maps have not improved at all T_T people say it's random but I doubt it so I'm stuck with the weapons ect I still have it's not that bad I guess but the other choice is to PVP for it and believe me people DO have higher cards if I had it linked to my apple account I could of bought tickets for cards but since Itunes only is for Japan I can't use my real money here *cough* I wish they would give us this game in English it's fun the storyline is kinda uh.... inserting but for now I'm fighting the same people for bosses and I did fight The Azure Flame Pursuer once he acts more like a upgraded version of Azure Kite...*cough* but his personalty is somewhat different didn't run into the other phantoms yet beside Skeith yes it taken me 4 times to take him down >_< the whole time I was thinking of Irony of Fate really but I was in the 20's or was in 17's win I fought them I think...oh right another thing do not use the AIDA cards this game has AIDA cards and someone sent me like 3 of them >_> *cough* AIDA Phantoms anyone? so I'm doing .Hack GD on blind run I know there is places where people go and talk about the game online like that online community I posted the first AIDA card I got by fusing it and a high attack and I used it >_<; my mistake but otherwise this game is fun so far it gives me something to do win I have some free time so this is another mini update about this game

One the side note- I have my PS4 up and running and I still have not tried the demo yet of Final Fantasy XV yet I'm going to try it and I put TOZ on hold for a bit but I did find some more Doujinshi of TOZ O_o and I haven't gotten them yet
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