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Project X Zone 2


So yes this is going to have part 2 and yes they didn't forget .Hack *Fan girl screams* but I wished ATLUS was part of this to but I'm excited and from Tales we get Yuri and Flynn I wish they added more from Tales but it's from Vesperia that should get the people excited I really hope this game has a good story and is fun to play makes me think why isn't ATLUS part of this? I would love to see Shin Megami Tensei or Persona part of this but I doubt that it will happen but since it's Sega I hope they add Miku Hatsune but I would be unsure how she'll fight but this is inserting to see that they are working on this

off topic-

Humm hopefully at some point in the game Haseo will call Kite Tri-Edge :P aww I wanted Haseo in his Xth Form but his third isn't that bad but yes I'm surprised they added Yuri and Flynn in I did want Milla or even Ludger or Tear or even Tales of Zestiria but the game isn't out yet *Cough* in English
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