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BlueStacks APK update


The video was removed sorry about that

This seems to work I just installed Bluestacks on my 32 GB my 12GB has the old version that updated that you have to do this method to get APK files to work I've been playing .Hack Guilty Dragon: The Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses (ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い) on Bluestacks made it to Lv 40 wooo and how many times I fought the The Azure Flame Pursuer >_> since I know how to play this game now I might restart it on my 32 GB since I got this newer bluestacks up and running but no I'm still going to keep my other account

This is the DL link to bluestacks

Now you don't have to use bluestacks if you HAVE a Japanese Itunes you can get it off the Japan itunes store if you want I cannot since I don't have a Japanese credit card >_<

You Can DL the newest APK for .Hack Guilty Dragon here use the search for APK I think they also have a English patch only for the menu here but you have to log into Facebook the English patch/menu I never used it so I don't know if it works or not

Get this to it has other apps that are useful *cough* Tales

Yes Bluestacks did update
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