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Update so far my thoughts


I finally made a Japanese Itunes account! so I downloaded Hack Guilty Dragon: The Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses (ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い) to my Ipad air so far it's running smoothly I'm up to level 25 I ended up buying a Itunes yen card from Play-Asia but wow the more you buy costumes in this game the higher the prices is I also taken a look at Tales of Link it's alright game but I'm still going to keep my bluestacks since I got my level 42

Topic- Project X Zone 2
This would be the first time Haseo and Kite do meet that's true since in .Hack//link they only saw one another through Tokio, and then there .Hack//Versus and wiki shows there age
Kite- 28 - 29
Haseo- 25-26
wiki also says there personality Kite personality has not changed since the original .Hack games as for Haseo his personalty was reverted back to GU vol.1 where he thinks Kite is Tri-Edge but then there is .Hack//Guilty Dragon I don't know yet since I'm not that far in the game so what kind of personality will they have in Project X Zone 2? we can only make theories so far honestly I thought myself in .Hack//Versus they was AI not players and I'm not really going to put all my faith into wiki not for now I myself is looking forward to how social they are going to be lol :p I just hope they don't mess up Haseo memories that much *cough*.Hack//Versus *cough* I almost feel bad for the guy now for Phantom Kite/The Azure Flame Pursuer his personality and how creepy he can be did surprised me but so far I never did fight any other phantoms yet

Off topic- I'm not dead >_< it just memorial day is coming up and I'm working on that so Fanfiction and Doujinshi are not forgotten this a update

Why did I make a update on this topic it was on my mind >_> what else is a fan girl supposed to think of? lol JK but I hope we get the other Tales game beside Tales of Link they also have Tales of Hearts R in the store I'm not going to buy that I already own two versions of it I don't need a third no thank you so this is a update

There was a another rumor of TOZ on the PS4 again but it was quickly pulled from the order *sigh* we do need a Tales game on the PS4 you know
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