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The whole debate


So how long has it been since .Hack//Link? why am I talking about this subject? since people don't like that game for obvious reasons
Link- for .Hack//Link info

Well for reason why this question has come into my mind in .Hack//Versus they did bring back Tokio who got older so .Hack//Link looks like it's the legit ending for the whole .Hack series but after that they did make .Hack//Guilty Dragon witch is a app for the phone they said that .Hack//Link was the ending to the series but many people doubt that was the ending since what .Hack//link did to the whole other .Hack games and you ask why am I talking about this? well thinking about Project X Zone 2 yet again this subject was on my mind

Why did they pair Haseo with Kite? shouldn't it be Tokio? since it obvious if you played .Hack//Link Kite did bond more with Tokio not Haseo >_> as I said before Project X Zone 2 would be the first time they actually do meet but then again there is .Hack//Versus witch surprised us all win it come out a fighting game witch is not any kind of RPG whatsoever maybe they are doing this because .Hack//Link got backlash? I know win I played it long time ago I was 'meh' about the story win it come to R;2 storyline and what they did to Haseo oh god I was upset after that I hesitated to even finish the game got far as the 'Azure Kite' battle and stopped and through all of that I clearly see that this game almost had a Tokio-Kite-BlackRose love triangle going on or something O_o I mean how many times did Tokio say Kite name in the game? or BlackRose getting depressed because Kite was frozen? yeah it almost felt like a tragic love story gone bad now that I think of it and I almost felt like Kite could of ended with Tokio if it wasn't for Saika being around or BlackRose but that just my emotions *cough* moving on

but yes currently we have .Hack//Guilty Dragon: The Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses (ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い) so far it alright I still want more info on the storyline and as for Project X Zone 2 that surprised me first I was excited they put .Hack and .Hack//GU together but after all that hype drained I was left with a bittersweet feeling and then come the realization that Kite and Haseo don't really have a history not like with Tokio maybe it just me but that still bittersweet in the future I should not worry about this little detail things that are inside a fan girl mind lol

For Project X Zone 2 I'm guessing Haseo will try to fight Kite? and somehow they get interrupted by Skeith that what I think is going to happen I can be wrong about that theory my personal feelings is that I guess I'm still happy we got Haseo in the game but this time hopefully his memories are not messed up another reason why I'm doing this it the comments that people are making even today about .Hack//Link how much it screws the .Hack games I'm more surprised people are still talking about this game O_o and me making more topics about it >_<; I still don't like the story and I doubt I'll ever finish the game but I still own the game and I'll have to admit I kind of do like the older Tokio in .Hack//Versus just a little his design still reminds me of Hwoarang from Tekken for some crazy reason maybe it's his hair? or the fact Tokio got older?
Yeah the goggles don't help that just reminds me of Digimon -_- and Tokio still has his Goggles in .Hack//Versus so yeah...*cough* wow I'm going way of topic here lol

I'm near the ending of .hack//MUTATION (Yes I'm replaying .Hack games) after the original .Hack series I'll replay GU to and I play .Hack//Versus off and on and I'm also playing .Hack//Guilty Dragon on my Ipaid air but I really can't do this all at once *cough*

Off topic- Memorial day

And this is another break for Project X Zone 2 overall I'm still excited for the game yes that still true and I'm still going to buy it you can completely ignore this topic think of it just another rambling one lol maybe win things settle down I can look at TOZ OST O_o No I didn't forget about it
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