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Final Fantasy 7 remake done by Rumor


I got some rumor news I'm not too sure if this has been confirmed or not

CyberConnect2 developing? seriously or this a rumor? as much as I like CC2 *cough* CyberConnect2 I thought they would stick to rpg games T_T so that means the big project they was saying on twitter was FF7 not .Hack? this bittersweet for me if this is true I love FF7 and I love .Hack both so yeah it bittersweet but for now I'm saying it a rumor until we get a real confirmed so this is a rumor until they say so

And CC2 did do Final Fantasy VII G-Bike it's a app that's only out in Japan

Remember this is a rumor for now

oh right some people here at

Link- talking about it being a rumor to

Off topic- FF7 is a RPG game that I know I did play it and I do own the original game disks
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