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Project X Zone 2 - 3DS - Crossing Paths


Omg omg omg wait...listens to Japanese voices did Haseo just call Kite Tri-Edge in battle? 1:06? at least Kite calls Haseo his name not some nickname Haseo lol I'm excited for this the bad thing is we're not getting this not in 2015 but in 2016 :( I might have to import this game since I do have a Japanese 3DS in Japan they are getting this in Nov 12, 2015 so I might import this maybe I'll think about it wow I forgotten how the Japanese voices sound I myself wished they added more people from Tekken don't get me wrong I'm surprised to see how Kazuya and Jin are somewhat working together now

Humm looks over the trailer again inserting maybe we're getting English voices that why it was delayed until 2016? I hope so or else we're getting Japanese voices not that I mind

off topic- Right now it's way too hot >_< I don't like this heat >_>;

About Project X Zone 2 theories I'm still thinking more this might be at the very start of .Hack//GU just the way how Haseo looks in the game or maybe this before he get's Data Drained? but it just a theory for now

So far this game is looking good
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