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.Hack//G.U. Vol.2 well Steal...

Hello eveone.

I have one thing to say .Hack//G.U. Vol.2 well steal you're soul no really I finally got mine yesterday since it's morning now it seems you can levle up to 100 I did see one Levle are filed thing that high and no I'm not that high yet I'm at Lv.62 geez it taken me all day to get though that dame 'Oh No I can't log out' thing I kind of wish they made it though the whole game nope it only in the beging I was suprised how fast they made that scean ware Haseo is saved by Balmung and Orca but it seems Kite was alseep or something and yes Haseo still thinks Kite is 'Tri-Edge' but looking at some SP. I see Haseo is saved by them twice in Vol.2. and 1 Time by Endrance in Vol.2. but I nearly Died fighting that Anna Gate Keeper. thing the Data Drain is more deadly then it one beam attack. yes since I woke up at noon and was playing all day until now I'm kind of Tired...looking at more SP. Kite and Balmung and Orca do fight Ovan but I think they lose that fight becuse in Vol.3 PV you don't see them at all I think Ovan killed them if you see how easy he was able to wipe out Pai and Atoli...I think he asborb there data and become stronger and I think you fight Ovan in Vol.3 all the Coma people might wake up and then Aura, Azure Knights might come back Just some Crazy theroy I have this morning I have no proof of this of what I speek of. but I do know for a fact Ovan is 'Tri-Edge' who is in pain becuse of his Powers and wants Haseo to Defeat him to set him free. so yeah Win I do make it that fair I well not go easy on Ovan that if I can make it to levele 99 or somthing before I fight him...ugh long way to go.

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