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Hack Guilty Dragon thoughts again


I finally made it to Lv 61 wooo I'm doing this one event in the game with the GU characters so far I've run into Shino, Haseo 1st, Haseo 2nd, Haseo 3rd, Haseo Xth, Ovan, and Azure Kite I was more surprised to see Haseo 1st, Haseo 2nd, and Haseo 3rd, talk to one another O_o it seems Azure Kite is trying to chase Ovan around and Haseo 1st to Haseo 3rd are still chasing Tri-Edge and Ovan just randomly spawns in the area Shino has to be very easy to fight she was lv 10 last time I fought her and fought her today again she was back to lv 1 but omg Azure Kite is annoying to fight he's more powerful Vs Phantom Kite O_o
That also surprised me Azure Kite talks now he still growls a little but he can actually talk oh right Atoli did show up once to talk but I never did run into her at all yet

Being at Lv 61 I think I'm under leveled fighting them that just my feelings most of the people doing this event are near and over lv 100 >_>

Shino did try to talk to Haseo 1st but it was weird it was it almost like none of the Haseo's can see Shino at all but Haseo 3rd did noticed Azure Kite and he called him Tri-Edge oh right win you fight Shino she gives off cards and upgraded metal that you can use to upgrade or cards that you can sell for gold that all she gives after you fight her and beat her the others *cough* Haseo 1st, Haseo 2nd, Haseo 3rd and Haseo Xth, Ovan and Azure Kite don't really give nothing good so far just randomly Rare cards otherwise nothing worth wild yet I do like the artwork they did for all the Event Characters you can fight it makes me wish they was part of the Guilty Dragon world and storyline but so far the story it has not picked up yet one of thing I did noticed unlike fighting Haseo 2nd Haseo 3rd and Haseo 1st it seems Haseo Xth can use all 3 weapons in fights like he can attack you using his twin blade and the next attack he'll be using his staff or Great Sword unlike the Haseo 1st to Haseo 3rd they are stuck using one weapon but no Haseo Xth don't have his guns I did win .Hack GU Skin that was one of Haseo scythe weapons from GU and surprisingly Haseo 3rd and Haseo Xth has the same weapon I wanted to laugh win that showed up win I fought them but no Haseo Xth don't have his lost weapon another skin I did get was Endrance Lost weapon for my sword I'm trying to hold back on doing that RNG for skins it don't like me very much and I lose my real money doing that the so far the RNG has given me

Haseo 1st hair
Haseo 2nd top >_>
Alkaid top <_<
Haseo Scythe
Twin Fang of Abyss I got this one in mail O_O
Endrance lost weapon Sword
Rare bottom that is blue from that blue hair character from Guilty Dragon I forget her name
And I also won a Rare Sword I think it's from the same blue hair character
Cat ears with red rose
something silver with a horn that you use on your head I never us it
ninja-like Chim Chims for back
Bat wings for back

For the outfits that are kind of like town outfits I got
Tokio hair >_<;
White Japanese top kimono
Casual top
red and black striped pants with shoes that are black
Yellow Japanese top kimono
Yellow bottom looks like a kimono btw the yellow kimono part's if you put them together they make one outfit
Blue kimono top
Red kimono top
Some kind of strange blue fire that you can use for back piece it almost reminds me of Azure Kite's blue fire but it's different
cheerleader pom poms you can use to replace your twin blade looks

I also got some randomly food skins O_o that can use to replace weapons looks do people use them? Mine are just collecting dust >_<;
the skin armor I'm using right now is a long red coat with black beat that reminds me of a outfit from Tales of world radiant mythology 3 outfit and a red and black pants that it not linked to any of Haseo outfits >_> oh right I forgotten to mention my character is based on my Tales of world radiant mythology 3 Character but I do noticed the Haseo's top and Alkaid top and that bottom they got high def that's good but if I use them I'll be unmatched O_o I feel like I got more outfits vs Armor outfits that just my feelings but this is my little update how .Hack Guilty Dragon is doing so far I'm liking the events more now oh right last event they had or was a few events ago I finally fought Phantom Haseo and Phantom Tsukasa Vs the Phantoms event they had this GU Event they have has more dialog and more talking between them this almost makes me want to do a story with more then one Haseo O_o Humm maybe that theory of a story I was thinking about can...there was this one story I was doing I thought it would be a little on the wtf moment but maybe I can...

So this updated

Side note- that guy who follows you around all the time now I fought him a few times I really think that guy is Tokio by the way he acts in events like win I started this GU event he was like
".....!" or he was like "!?" win he saw all 3 Haseo's talking to one another and in battle I noticed without the shadow over his character like most of the times you fight him his hair is red and brown and he had goggles on his face win you events or fight Phantom Kite his dialog can be like
"......" "....!" and he'll say something with the begging of "..." to it but they haven't showed his picture at all so my guess that guy who with you 24/7 is Tokio I can be wrong it can be someone else but just my theory

Yes it finally cooled down enough for me I really dislike the heat by the way this is on my Ipad air
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