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そういう「背伸び」を踏まえ、もしも今『.hack』や「The World」を作るのであれば、現在のオンラインゲームとは違う、もう一歩進んだ新たなテクノロジーや、ユーザーが予測していない物語、新しい体験を作るべきなんじゃないかなと思っています。





──意味深ですね。了解しました、心待ちにしておきます。ちなみに、今の技術で『.hack』を作ったら、「hack//G.U. TRILOGY」クラスのグラフィックになりそうですか?

松山氏:「hack//G.U. TRILOGY」以上じゃないですかね。PS4とかだったらそうなるでしょうし、そうじゃないとダメだと思います。




the article is 5 pages long

Twitter post-
they just link to the source

Translate- ◆ movement of ".hack" in the future?

── Here You ask frankly, is there such as ". Hack" series initiative towards the new work?

Matsuyama said: ". Hack" series one of the characteristics of, I think I'm a part of it is a little to the "stretch". For example, distant and not the future, it is such as the view of the world that is made to realize the not too distant future. Originally, in the era of online games and began to enjoy casually in home-use game machine, the Even if you're not trimmed the online environment was born in feeling that you want to provide a game where you can enjoy the charm of the online game ".hack because it was ".

Based on the kind of "stretch", If so long now make a ".hack" and "The World", is different from the current online games, new technologies and advanced one step further, the story the user is not expected, new experience and hope to the kana not you should I make.

: Some of the user's, "is not done even new and remake rather than game Archives, the other" or because there is no motivation the .hack "series," but sometimes you get a voice that, there is never such a thing. 'm That BNE-san, is not it has been decided to believe properly things ahead! (Lol)

── to do is I have decided (laughs).

Matsuyama said: I have a need to aim the most effect is enhanced timing if do. Toward the most willing Moraeru optimal timing to the user's.

Please wait to look forward to. We also, I'm looking forward to it.

── meaning it is deep. I understand, I leave to look forward. By the way, if you make a ".hack" in today's technology, or is going to be a "hack // GU TRILOGY" class of graphics?

Matsuyama said: It Is not "hack // GU TRILOGY" or higher. And to will be so if you wanted Toka PS4, I think that it is useless if not.

".hack" Of ──PS4, Hey I want to look at.

Matsuyama said: I'm also look like (laughs)."


Wait so they are saying the online games are not advanced enough?? I would love to see a new or remake on the PS4 and it looks like they are looking at the Ps4 to so it might be a long time before we see a new .hack game they do mention Hack//Guilty Dragon: The Sin Dragon and the Eight Curses (ギルティドラゴン 罪竜と八つの呪い) in here to so dose this mean .Hack is not dead yet? T_T; I hope not but I want to be alive in the game comes out *cough* >_<; as for the online games are they talking about the ones we have now? sorry my Japanese is broken >_> all this info is from twitter and the source hummm maybe that's why the rumored FF7 remake is helped by CC2 in order to advance the graphics for a new .Hack game? O_o o_O uh that was just a theory of mine so don't take it too seriously *cough* but if someone else can translate this better then myself then please do so I'm just going on whim and theories and rumors right now >_<
but seriously how the FF7 remake teaser looks right now I would love to see a remake of .Hack or sequel with that kind of graphics
But looks like more waiting on our part *sigh* I still wished they did bring .Hack Guilty Dragon to the USA but I'm still playing the Japanese version I'll have to make another update on that again
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