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Project X Zone 2 thoughts yet again


This surprised me I wasn't expecting them to add Azure Kite to the game but I guess they had to If you played .Hack GU you know how Haseo personality how he acts and putting him with Kite from the original .Hack games there personalities will collided so maybe why they are adding Azure Kite to ease up the tension between Kite and Haseo? either way I think Haseo will act all distant with them until he fights Azure Kite or he sees Kite isn't Azure Kite and then he might slowly accept them that my theory on it now who else are they going to add? it's not too late to add someone else the draw between Ovan and Sakaki who would you want in the game? and don't forget we do have Skeith in the game already I think at the last moment they might add Ovan making the tension between Haseo and Ovan kind of awkward but I'm more surprised they didn't promote .Hack//Guilty dragon and add Phantom Kite to this or even the other phantoms
Sharp BlackRose would of been wicked to see in this game along with Phantom Haseo but I doubt they would since we now already got Kite and Azure Kite what would happen if they met Phantom Kite? or Haseo meting Phantom Haseo yeah that would be epic but awkward I myself don't mind who they add between Ovan or Sakaki or they can add both as long as Project X Zone 2 has a epic story and fun battles I don't mind I'm going to try to stay positive about this game it may sound like I'm *grumbling* about it but I'm not but I already order this game through gamestop I'm still thinking of importing it so my thoughts on this game yet again

But I wouldn't mind if Ovan did become playable I don't know about Sakaki as for Azure Kite that would be nice if he did become playable to but who else beside Kite from .Hack is going to be in this game? BlackRose? Balmung? Orca? as for Ovan move set I think they could go with his moves from .Hack//Versus he would be slow but a tank but in .Hack//Link I think both Ovan and Sakaki was both playable but there also Sakuya and Mary from hack//Quantum they could of added
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