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.Hack//Guilty dragon update

.Hack//Guilty dragon update


I'm going to post my feedback/ideas/thoughts once again

It was a little unclear last time how we lost a party member after defeating Phantom Kite but this time around it made sense well after fighting him twice I'm level 71 and Phantom Kite level 49 you would think that would be easy right? nooo in fact Phantom Kite almost copied my same level of power as in attacks that wasn't fun at all >_< I almost thought I would lose that battle and I had to fight him twice not only that I barely survived and won twice T_T well enough of that to the story line it seems (thanks to my very broken Japanese) why Phantom Kite is stalking the player (the PC you make and control) I noticed something strange about Phantom Kite he's not...stable as in data wise his personality is a cross between Kite and Azure Kite strangely Phantom Kite is more emotional and more vocal there is some reason why Phantom Kite is always stalking you I think it has something do with his powers you noticed if you fight him he's weak very weak compared to the other Phantoms like Sharp BlackRose and Phantom Haseo ect yeah those guys but after fighting him twice he burst into a light and I thought we actually destroyed him T_T with the red light flashing across the screen and seeing a bright white light take over my ipad air it surprised me it did not only that some dark wave come out of Phantom Kite and was going engulfed my pc/player that we control but that women jump in font of *him* and saved him but in the end she become a phantom herself now the phantoms they don't talk normally they growl and almost act Zombie like but she was more more harder then Phantom Kite himself and I ended up losing to her and after that battle the group disables the new people who was fallowing my party leaves because of the loss of there friend and even the shadow of Tokio/that guy who follows you around leaves so now you're only down to 3 to 4 girls with you and win you come out of that area the sun in the game is daybreak that was the emotions there it makes me wonder who else is going to become a phantom who with you strangely enough if you loss to a phantom it not game over no no no you can just get back up and fight but you lose the exp and gold but that strange enough the player you make almost acts like a phantom but not dark and evil you see phantom can keep going with out no problem but whatever Phantom Kite told the group about the player did shock them very much there reactions was
Yeah pretty much beside the yelling across the screen ect but so far two players become phantoms one was that cat like women who was with you the first time the second is that silver hair women who I mistakenly thought she was a guy >_< she saves you after she asks questions about you before Phantom Kite comes around so yes the story line did pick up nothing going on until the 18 no event yet so I was doing my personal story and just thought I'd share to you what is going on my thoughts and what can be theories

On the side note:

I'm almost thinking how funny this is but I think the cards...have emotions... hahahah er...why I say that because it just the feeling I'm getting >_> no I'm not rambling nonsense it just they always like to knock the other color out not only that they like to block one another in color wise that get annoying like you would have one side blue= magic side all blue cards would take up half the space win the other side is
red= you're you're heavy blade side damage deal
so let's say that blue and red decided to block green out witch is your twin blade/blade side and win they do that omg that annoying it get more annoying win you try to draw the colors you want but your cards are being stubborn as hell and they don't show up so that what happens and ugh sometimes you just got to force the cards out seriously as for the DLC outfits ect nothing new yet but the outfit I did want didn't show up and I'm wasting anymore money on that so with the cards and have I told you how much they are stubborn on getting there skill up? omg I don't know how many cards I lost trying to get that skill up >_< maybe other decks don't like the other decks? *crack theory* my deck is mostly made up of let's see Kite, Azure Kite both of them are green SR cards and do major damage on the magic side I have a SR Helba and a SR Haseo I got lot of SR cards but for some odd reason win I go to buy a random draw of cards I get R and R+ cards not very helpful the RNG hates me seriously I almost got SR Haseo green card maxed out and every time I try to level up his skill he rejects it >_< soo maybe SR cards have conflict issues? I don't know lol
oh right I have other cards beside Kite and Azure Kite and Haseo and Helba it not just made out of them but yes this my small update but overall the game is alright

Update- The next area the group comes back I just found that out and right now we're doing another phantom event but yes that guy returns to follow you around

I still one day to dream of .Hack on PS4
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