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Update- Found a better one but win I looked at this why do I got the feeling something might happen to Kite in order to defeat Azure Kite? or maybe it's just me looking at the opening O_o I hope I'm wrong maybe that will force Haseo to tap into his powers from .Hack//GU vol 3? I don't know that just a theory one thing they could do is tease us by at the end we see Haseo in his X-form but we never get to play it that would make me upset but yeah would Kite do something stupid like that for Haseo? giving the fact this is Kite we're talking about and it's pretty sad that no one can understand Azure Kite's words well Azure Kite don't really get to talk that much not like in .Hack//Link beside no word on anyone else from .Hack like BlackRose, Balmung, Orca, Ovan or even Tokio but my order from CD Japan has been shipped I hope this game is good so what are you're thoughts on this? I'm anxious yet excited

Update- People are ready streaming this game

so far it's looking good update- people over at gamefaqs are saying NO secret characters so people are upset of that? O_o we don't know yet

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