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Projct X Zone 2 What 02


Spoilers ahead

Skeith *cough* Skkkeithhh *cough* *cough* omg Haseo lol

Seriously that was the most epic embarrassing moment for Haseo poor Kite he like 'wtf' are you doing lol one might question Haseo sanity but didn't Midori in her book call Haseo a psychopath? er never mind that but for me Kite and Haseo like to argue a lot maybe it just me and I like how Haseo just puts Azure Kite picture over Kite own and he puts the Chaos gate over Haseo picture that cute makes me think of some kind of Charades game or something and it seems Skeith himself is also anti-social but we did here him talk in .Hack//GU but I also noticed you know the characters picture comes close to the screen it reminds me of how Shining Tears did there's picture how characters talk ect so far this game is looking good my copy might be in tomorrow it a long long long wait for me T_T

looks like Haseo Tsundere is showing got to remember from .Hack//roots Tri-Edge signs are used for warping but so far this is looking good <3 I hope we do get English voices but the chances are very small so if you add someone else to the .Hack party Haseo will talk about Atoli? wait I thought he was only going after Shino just kidding we know how .Hack//GU ends so you don't need to remind me maybe Kite and Haseo do need someone else to talk to
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