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Tales Festival What?

Alright I'm speechless seriously

alright it started off normally Luke and Van VA come up on stage and it was going smooth right? then comes on Lloyd and he calls Zelos out who Va comes out and flirts with one of the girls it was 'wow' moment and they chat for a bit then comes Sorey and Mikleo as they come down Sorey and Mikleo talk normally as they do like in the game right? the crowed goes wild over them as the others can't see Mikleo *seriously* so they think Sorey weird as Lloyd and Zelos suggestions just made Sorey picture drop and drop and drop and it turns red as he gets upset of what the group says so Mikleo comes to the rescue and calms Sorey down (wow the VA did a amazing job here) then comes in Kanonno and Edna and Pascal, as Pascal being Pascal she has this skoal on win she talks all she dose is mumble it's cute as for some reason Edna talks to Sorey and Mikleo win the group talks to one another Edna attacks the guys me wtf moment the way at that time Spada and Luca VA come stage to and that what happens win this happens to Sorey and Mikleo VA take a Selfie together and the people go wild that happens win they first come out sorry I forgotten that part >_<;

in part 2 oh boy starts off with Jude, Milla and Ludger in this part they are seriously pushing JudexMilla so hard and making it way too obvious as Ludger is silent until Jude noticed this and ask Ludger 'What's wrong?' Milla picture looks annoyed by this as Ludger responds as choices R1 and R2 shows up as Milla joins in and "R1 R2" shows up and questions 1-3 comes comes up as after that Milla says something as Ludger quickly agrees as we watch the VA go to the side as Jude call after him as Milla picture looks annoyed as win Ludger goes to the side he discovers an capsule he opens it with corpse shell like and I'm like what? seriously? and then we see Sorey inside that makes Ludger back up it look like Sorey asleep as and Milla attacks Sorey O_o I was like nooo Milla don't attack Sorey and Jude picture looks surprised as Sorey picture falls to the side almost lopsided as Jude comes in and tries to talk as Milla says something as Ludger picture pulls Sorey out of the capsule and Sorey wakes up groggily as Jude and Ludger talk to him but Milla quite harsh Sorey as that moment as Sorey talks about his friends as the people of Xilla don't believe him and yes the VA was acting all of this

speaking of that they show another part where Rose and Alisha who get lost after this battle they was doing before Sorey got lock in this capsule the monster the girls could not defeat they all run away from it as the group comes together as Sorey finally finds Rose and Alisha as who watch Asbel, Luke, Van, Lloyd and Zelos and Yuri attack it (I think that it sorry I didn't pay attention to this part T_T) I think Spada and Luca might of been there to...but after they all used an attack Sorey was about to do something win Jude and Milla show up again and wham Jude and Milla do attack and somehow that attack hits Sorey as Sorey goes lopsided as Sorey get knocks as Rose and Alisha call out to him as Jude tries to apologize as they attack the monster again as Sorey recovers as he ask Rose and Alisha to do a attack as they do as Sorey finished the monster off with his own attack it feels like TOX is attacking TOZ and they are pushing for straight couples because TOZ had BL in it? or maybe it just me? but I'm getting that feeling now... win Sorey recover we see a green light helping him and no Zaveid dose not come out and no Sorey can't use his Tenzoku here by the way Rose and Alisha VA do amazing job here win they do there attack then the battle ends by the way the attack Milla and Jude did is a combo attack

then we see a blond hair guy that looks like Leon nope Leon is not in this one this time around but that was some teaser and then come relaxing time where the VA just goofed off and did BS that was the fun part before that they did have music playing Tale music beside the other music that was vocal that was fun and no Hideo Baba was not there during that time the VA was BS around and well making fun of 'Baba' last name and adding more to it his name (wtf) then it got more crazier before the 1st session win the VA had signs around there necks and smiling at the camera Asbel Va come up and start talking that's win Zelos Va come up and tried to kiss him O_O or hug him I was laughing so hard I almost cried as they was pushed back as the other VA come up into the camera and tried to shrugged it off the 2nd group talk was like this
Pascal-behind the desk
Rose, Alisha, Sorey
Milla, Jude, Ludger,
and Zelos Va walking around questioning them it look like TOZ was off to the side ignoring TOX who as doing the same O_O you can sense the tension between the group as Asbel VA tries to make the people forget about this as Lloyd VA always comes up with strange answers win he write them down on the art book as win Yuri VA answer he always put down some hit to Tales of vesperia I think Spada and Luca and Senel might of been there but as I said before they didn't really stand out that much it was cute win Lloyd answer for a skill Majinken as Zelos says 'Majinken?' as they joke around a bit as they move on as Asbel answer was kind of odd he acted his answer out me o_o as Milla held up her answer was simple enough then come Yuri answer his was a picture of a sword O_o as that made Zelos stop and point and ask about that I forget Luke answer as Van as holding up the card I didn't pay attention to Spada and Luca that much sorry! next was Alisha who answer for the TOZ group was 3 words as the people laugh at this during one this group talk it got a bit more crazier they was BS around again and Lloyd Va and Zelos Va got close enough and almost kissed O_O it was a teaser alright the oter VA was like O_o win that happen right toward the end win they was pushing one another around and BS Sorey VA gets up and almost knocks Jude VA away O_O was that some kind of revenge? not only that near the end everyone hold up a card as Zelos goes over them as they talk and a laugh as Zelos stop at Jude card Yes this time he hold it up as it something that makes Zelos walk away from him as Jude calls out to Zelos who ignores him as win it comes to Alisha who holds up that 3 word card again and the card Asbel holds up makes them laugh again oh and win ever Yuri did anything it was always toward TOV but the VA did a amazing job at this

Overall I have no idea where they was going with felt like a step back from last year one I mean the whole rival thing between TOX and TOZ was kind of 'ugh' I love both games and seeing them fight was bittersweet ironically Ludger VA had no troubles with TOZ oh right another side story where Pascal makes a memory box and it makes them talk lines from the game so far Lloyd and Luke got it and it rolled again and broke and Van was near it and he got hit Luke went rushing to his side he seem alright (right...) later win Van is alone with Luke he attacks Luke O_o Luke is freaking out and never attacks back (wtf) and Luke start wining and almost start breaking down before Van can attack again Asch shows up O_O (now we get to see Luke/Asch Va act twice) as Asch scolds Luke from not attacking Van and defending himself as Van just talks like he did in TOA win you fight him as Van was about to attack Asch that win Luke moves forward and attacks Van that win Van goes down and the small awkward moment between Luke and Asch is there Luke tries to be nice to Asch and Asch is Asch so everyone else shows up and they defeat Van knocking sense back into him he returns normal yes he got hit by the memory box so Van back to normal and Asch grumbles and leaves as Luke tries to thank Asch he turns and gets upset (Seriously?) and that how that ends right and we got long hair Luke for this part but that was another story they did the VA did a good job for this one

Overall I guess it was alright the hints in this is crazzzyy

Oh right I almost forget Violet VA showed up *screams* Tales of Berseria near the end she also brought Violet card bored cut out? with her to remind the people of Tales of Berseria nothing new on TOB yet they showed last trailer of it but nothing new and a TOZ anime? Tales of Zestiria TV Anime For 2016 and that was about it but that my take on this people ARE going to have different ideas and they might see it differently but it was good I like the music
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