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The Cat is out of bag Rumors are True? -update-


CyberConnect 2 developing the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yes this topic come before and CC2 has come out and said they wasn't however now we got Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase both confirmed that CyberConnect 2 will be developing the Final Fantasy VII Remake I'm shocked seriously the whole rumors was CC2 was remaking Final Fantasy 7 in order to upgrade there graphics for a rumored .Hack game because they said the graphics for .hack//trilogy was bad that was the whole rumor and it started way back in


so that's win the whole rumor started it was confusing at first some people didn't believe it but it looks like it really happening but why would CC2 hide it so long? hmm


For Kitase model, for example, we are doing things in that or put or are supervised by the director of our visual Works, the hand to the data.

Nomura design, such as Biggs three of us, which has become now public, in addition there are Ferrari has worked mainly in sub-character (Mr. Roberto), programmer, core members of the planning and the like, densely and external cooperation company's I am feeling to go underway.

At the same time Kitase these core members is supervised been gathered, it is in now become a commonplace of production techniques, but also our cooperation in a number of production company's. "FFVII G bike" CyberConnect2 that is indebted (hereinafter, CC2) san, will be the one company of them.


Kitase CC2 san to action game experience is you have a rich and know-how, I felt that there is something that shines in the sense of the video production. However, in the densely exchange because there were parts production of taste is subtly unlike our work. Also Tetsu about this PV (that of Mr. Tetsuya Nomura) to say is annoying (laughs), it was closer to our style.

--end of Quote

Wait so that means...all the work CC2 is getting upgrading graphics is from Square Enix? what kind of deal is this? I thought CC2 was from Bandai-Namco? is something else going on? so wait all the stuff CC2 is doing will it become under Square Enix in the future? ugh...I don't want think about that yet that just a theory of mine hmm...I really can't see Square Enix owning Naruto and .Hack and whatever else CC2 has it would make one hell of a crossover with Square Enix or something omg omg I know CC2 was putting out job advertising and having lots and lots of meetings before .Hack//Guilty dragon come out and .Hack//N.U. there was rumors of a new .Hack game but it never went on and we got apps for our phones so this 'wow' the graphics look amazing and it was done by CC2 I'm speechless now for all the people who dislike Cloud new design I think he looks good it's CC2 version of Cloud the whole sunglasses thing is what we should be worried about :P


Oh right Final Fantasy 7 R will be split into parts episodes

Nomura: If we make the characters real, they’ll look like real people and no one will recognize them, so we’re aiming to balance.
Nomura: Advent Children models are too old, so they’ve been refining the graphics and balancing reality and deformation.
Aside from the CG shown at the beginning of the trailer, everything is in real-time. You can alter the camera angle during the train scene.
Cloud’s appearance has to partially to do with the lighting and his pale skin. Nojima had said Cloud’s sickly appearance is brilliant.
Square Enix is working with CyberConnect 2 to develop the Final Fantasy VII Remake.
Cross-dressing scene will be included. Nomura has yet to work on the design, however.
Final Fantasy VII Remake is completely different from Crisis Core’s battle system. Not as action-y as Dissidia Arcade or KH but closer to that style.
The battle speed they’re aiming for is Dissidia Arcade’s. The battles we saw in the trailer are kind of like a standard to aim for.
Nomura can’t go into details about the battle system, but he said it’s important to note that the ATB gauge turns red. Something significant.

Kitase: We are not going to remake a game so you only play for nostalgia.
Kitase: We want to make the hearts of the original fans pump. We are adjusting the storyline with this idea in mind.
The character models for FF7R are being overseen by the director at Visual Works, SE's CG studio.
Each of the party members will have an updated design, like Barret.

That what we know so far overall I'm still hyped about but all the theories I said is just my thoughts about this so everyone has there own ideas.

But wait! what about that new .Hack game? yes that still on my mind T_T so far I know that all they are doing is .Hack//N.U. witch they are posting

【第2回オープンβテスト】[2 open beta test] will last as well as from Google Play Tester registration on the participants. So travelers who register in advance will be the detailed step by step guide non-registered members take a look at the register.


Ummm Now I want a crossover with SE and Bandai-Namco somehow someway

Update- Just a clarification: CyberConnect2 is one of many studios assisting development on FF7 Remake. from twitter

So CC2 IS one of the many people helping them alright I can accept that Hmm who else is helping them? it making me wonder now
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