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Tales of Berseria Takes Place In The Past World Of Tales of Zestiria


Talk about plot twist


"Bandai Namco recently shared some key details on Tales of Berseria and how it is linked to the world of Tales of Zestiria, in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.

Tales of Berseria is set “Wasteland,” and in the middle of it is a continent called “Greenwood,” but Berseria’s era takes place much long before.

Compared to the future (in Zestiria) the scenery is vastly different, and the towns, and natural landmarks will be completely different as well; however, there are some places and civilization that will make you recall a thing or two of the future.

While you may not see too much in common, they say that if you explore the world of Tales of Berseria more, you may even discover the untold truth behind the distant past of Tales of Zestiria." ---End of Quote


So Tales of Berseria is connected to Tales of Zestiria so Velvet from the past and Sorey from the future O_o Velvet is darkness thanks to her crazy arm and the blood moonlight and Sorey is the light because of the plot of Tales of Zestiria it's a shame they don't meet T_T but Velvet might be a old old old old old ancestor to Sorey or Mikleo O_o that just a theory but I would love for a Tales of Zestiria to make some kind of cameo now it makes me wish Velvet was in Tales of Zestiria but yes so is Velvet the first Lord of Calamity? before Heldalf? maybe we might even see a younger Lailah and Gramps? but they should of called this Tales of Zestiria 2 or something if this comes before TOZ maybe they fear the backlash? but this is some news
Tags: my idea, sorey is light, tales, tales of berseria, tales of zestiria, theories, theory, thoughts, tob, tob is before toz, tob link to toz, toz, velvet is darkness, velvet the first lord of calamity?

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