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.Hack//Guilty Dragon winter event


This is my .Hack//Guilty Dragon update I've got to Level 79 they are doing a winter event 12/30 right now so far I've fought Sharp BlackRose, 2 monsters are from .Hack//GU and Phantom Kite who starts off at Level 50 o_O yes that annoying and I have no run into Skeith yet

Phantom Kite er...Holiday Phantom Kite no...Santa Phantom Kite :P

tried to resize the picture I didn't want the post to be too big and I would have to cut it

this is right off my phone from my game I just randomly run into Sharp BlackRose and pulled up the phantoms and taken a picture of this this is my phantom Kite who at level 58 right now man he's hard and annoying It taken me 3 times to fight him T_T Sharp Blackrose right now at level 27-28 and I was right Phantom Kite eyes ARE Violet! or black violet? and something odd I did noticed fighting Phantom Kite he got more not slender er...bold? compared to Xion my character who looks like the feminine here *cough* this is something I did noticed or maybe it's Phantom Kite outfit? Phantom Kite also has a snowflake on his back I wanted to laugh at that maybe one of these days I'll take a picture of my SR cards and my Cards just have to make it harder and collide with one another ugh these cards >_<; by the way did I tell you I also got gender blend Haseo card?! they are soooo cute! er...I'll take a picture of them later for now the RNG still dislikes me in outfits they got holiday ones out for SR cards they got Xth something it's a deck that has Haseo that's a magical card I have too many magic cards or Staff cards I didn't get it but I did get a good Red card and a good Green Card I'll have to show them off later once I get the green card maxed out did I mention it takes 50 SP to fight Phantom Kite? and after that he can give you crappy cards or R+ cards nothing good yet beside that purpler crystal thingy to exchange for rewards but that's if you get lucky to get it as for the story of this event is alright as for the main story nothing yet so looks like they run into a road block or something but yes this is my update on .Hack//Guilty Dragon and no I didn't get in .Hack//N.U. beta yet now no word on .Hack//Guilty Dragon for the US yet >_> at this point I'm starting to lose hope that we'll ever get this app game it's fun but this is my update of this game

Twitter account for .Hack//N.U. new world
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