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CyberConnect2 Preparing All Kinds Of Surprises For 2016


Rumors are going around about this

"In a recent end-of-year interview with a variety of developers, 4Gamer spoke with CyberConnect2 President Hiroshi Matsuyama who shared a bit on what to expect from his company in 2016.

With Naruto Shippudent: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 releasing next year, Matsuyama is looking forward to having fans enjoy what they call the action that goes beyond “super anime representation.”

“Also, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary since the establishment of our company, so we’re preparing all kinds of surprises for it. Please look forward to that,” said Matsuyama.

---End of quote

That some rumor seriously so new rumors of surprising new games but more Naruto? leaks of Final Fantasy 7 R? or dare we hope rumors of a new .Hack game?? that some wish but my guess it has something to do with Naruto or something else that is not .Hack related


so what else do you think it is? .Hack//N.U. is just getting started and the beta they are having is somewhat going smoothly and somewhat is not but I for one I hope it's a PS4 game if it is .Hack or something to do with PSVR that would be nice to O_o
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