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.Hack//G.U. Vol.1. Music.

Hello eveone.

Someone was asking about the G.U. Music since I might as well do this the right way.

Hoplefully that is enough for now

People who play .Hack//G.U. Vol.1 both English and Japanese should know them vary well I well uplode the rest later. they should work if not let me know. For people who sould know 'Gentle hands English' is play for Vol.2 movie for Japan. I'm not too sure if it well be the same for the Us one. I had these songs before the US one was out and I put them up after the US is out...yes I'm bad. I did play both US and Japanese one and they are vary good games. so if you want them go downlode them if not well just take a look at them. I just can't wait until they make a Vol.2 Music to come out.
Well talk to you guys later.

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