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Just played .hack//N.U.


Yes it's out in Japan >_< however this game is more simple then .Hack//Guilty Dragon how the exp works is well you level up you're cards yes the card function from .Hack//Guilty Dragon is not quite gone but not quite the same how you do battle is more touch on you're phone type rather then choose all color cards for battle like in .Hack//Guilty Dragon win you first start the game you encounter a mysteries women who DD is chasing and well you're party members are all girls not that if you mind and you can get a SR Kite card yes Kite has return non one else to replace him and yes he HAS his Japanese Voice but he's a level 1 and for a SR card he's quite powerful but this Kite design is different I'm calling him golden ring Kite or something

So here what he looks like so let's see we got Kite, Shugo, Sora, Sakuya, Phantom Kite, and now this version he just kind of walks into you're home base and makes himself at home O_o there is a event it's at level 20 something I hope we can get more .Hack cards the people at you're home base just talk to one another and that's it nothing else and yes you're character can yawn and they do have a gem store you can buy cards or cards that turn into weapons just like .Hack//Guilty Dragon however in .Hack//N.U. they tend to charge more T_T yes charge more it's kind of annoying and yeah but the way you level up is leveling the cards up even you're own character is a card just a different one it kind of strange if you ask me but exp seems a little slower then fusing a card to level up but making you're own character has gotten better the music is alright and how you move through the areas to missions that are 3 areas and you just kind of jump to the next area versus walking to the area in .Hack//Guilty Dragon there is a town but everyone looks the same >_> unless you look at the icon then the pictures are shown just one town right now and it kind like a winter like Aqua Anu or something but everything is touch so using you're screen of you're phone or ipad you walk around even battles are like that the more you interact with touching during battle you get more combos and get more sores that different from .Hack//Guilty Dragon you can use Data drain but I call it more like Demon Gaze drain that what it remind me of seriously the glowing eye yes I'm talking about Demon Gaze that Vita game the God nods that you unlock to get stronger need more stones that you win after you do missions and ect you use the stones to unlock God nods it like Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy 10 yes that going to be a bit before you unlock everything and the stones you need lots of them so if you like Sphere Grid or Lilium orb from Tales of Xillia this is it I'm still trying to think positive here and this game is just out yes the missions are ranked and yes the missions get harder I did a event in the game I was level 14 and I was put ageist a level 33 who KO me in one hit >_> so yes this game can be harsh at times it looks like some events will lead to PK ageist other players and the only way I'm thinking how they are getting powerful so fast is they are spending real money in this game and that event was level 9 to they must be buying cards and just fusing them to get high levels but that's really expensive so the gem store is just $$$ if you ask me
10 cards are 50 gems
30 gems for high weapon
5 gem for one weapon

So yeah I'm going to pass sinking my gold into this not really much of a profit not like in .Hack//Guilty Dragon win the odds are better but if they do bring it to the usa I'll play it along with .Hack//Guilty Dragon if they do after playing it and hearing people 'praise' it being better I myself like .Hack//Guilty Dragon better kind of strange if you ask me O_o
but it seems they are still stuck in that road block in the story yet T_T

This is my thoughts of .Hack//N.U. maybe my ideas are different from other people everyone thinks differently but I have to say .Hack//N.U. is kind of fun it but I still want a PS4 game

Update- DD is the girl below this picture I just noticed something odd win replaying the first part again DD eyes was sapphire before win you used Data Drain her eyes turn green O_o so is DD another Kite clone? her battle pose is Kite pose funny enough win you play a Twin blade the pose is the same one Haseo uses and yes Haseo hairstyle is in this game for the guys but not Kite's Subaru and BlackRose and Alkaid for the girls
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