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.Hack//N.U. Thoughts 02


You know looking at the events I'm mostly reminded of Code Geass for some odd reason it must be the outfits or something from that time .Hack//N.U. don't have that fantasy feel like the old .Hack games it even has idols in the game well sort of the girls who dress up almost like cosplay or something anyways they have another event going now and you can win Phantom Kite outfit I think it's pkk and yes you have to unlock pk to do pking in this game and I figured out how to get out of events >_> seriously I wasn't paying attention but it seems this game is promoting PK a lot and just got done with that Kite event I was like 'wtf' all the way lol and also the main story get at a higher level every time so you got to be ready for that the story line is alright so far but I'll have to wait more to get the feel of this game but I still like .Hack//Guilty Dragon I hope we get both this and .Hack//N.U. abut I almost wanted to redo my character to look like Lelouch just for laughs that what that data drain in .Hack//N.U. reminds me now that and Demon Gaze oh right I also noticed if you play a female twin blade that voice is differently Sakuya Japanese voice I know since she has the same voice as Sakuya in .Hack//Versus they also have the pigtails in the female hairstyle for girl characters so you can make Sakuya if you want they do have Kite hair style I didn't recognize it since the bangs for the male hair is longer and I'm using it O_o silly of me not to noticed it! I hope they do some kind of crossover for .Hack//Guilty Dragon and .Hack//N.U. like in events for both game that would be nice but yes the RNG is still RNG to get weapons and cards so I'm trying to get more feel of .Hack//N.U. and will they bring it out of Japan? I hope so that and .Hack//Guilty Dragon

My thoughts-

I said you wasn't done with the cards right? so in .Hack//Guilty Dragon I noticed they like to block colors right? well here you're own character uses a card more likely they fused with a card so that is on another whole new level then .Hack//Guilty Dragon that you are somewhat aware of them not only that in .Hack//n.u. you're whole party are cards you can update and fuse and even sell for money just think everything is strange is happening around you and you come arrive with you're party that draws attention to you even win you start that PK event you're starting to make yourself noticed by other players not only that at the end of that event they showed the crying women a.k.a. Skeith wife just laughing that creep me out a bit but after you do that PK event that arena is unlock and then you can fight in it so wait I just thought of something
Haseo pose flips (that for twin blade) and male hairstyle for the guys I think it's his Xth hair style well almost and Sakuya voice and pose for the girls (twin blade) and they also have the pigtails for the girls so they are really putting hints there I'm using bluestacks for the girl I'm playing and my Ipaid air has my guy I'm playing so I'm getting both reaction as for the affection from the girls who you party doesn't change rather if you're playing a guy or a girl >_> I think the group of girls still 'like' you or maybe it's me?...*cough* but you can end up saying the most serious line or comical like or even I don't care line in this game and still get a reaction somehow lol and no I have not tried any other class but if you change you're class don't forget to change you're God nods to what class you're changing it to I'm sticking with Twin blade class because I got that half way done I'm not fusing with the Kite card I have rather I'm Using him in party I got a R card I'm fused with no green twin blade SR card yet for me beside Kite SR card I got I think most people fused with there SR Kite card and I think you're supposed to or that what the feeling I'm getting Kite twin blade weapons are SR I just given it back to Kite since I got one of .Hack//G.U. weapons just a R+ weapon twin sword weapon but if you don't fuse with Kite and have him in party he has some dialog for battle yes he talks more now 'lol' that Kite's Japanese voice alright playing my girl party on my PC watching my character fight and she sounds like 'Sakuya' and having Kite in party I'm like omg it's Sakuya and Kite and .Hack//Versus all over again and (why didn't I make my character like Sakuya now!?) but sadly I made her look far-far away from looking anything like Sakuya lol she has crimson eyes the lighter red and long silver hair :P but she sounds like Sakuya omg there are too choices of red you can go with red the normal lighter crimson or the darker crimson and no I never did make a girl for .Hack//Guilty Dragon T_T but that are my thoughts so far on this game

I almost forgot you can fight ageist the Chim Chim from R;2 it's funny and kind of sad if you ask me I would love to see a Phantom event in .hack//N.U. for a cameo and I would like to see DD or someone from .Hack//N.U. be in a phantom event in .Hack//Guilty Dragon for a cameo to that would be nice beside the poor Chim Chim
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