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Crossovers...once more.

Alright the time is vary near win I start my stories I might start a frew and see what one I like and well do them and maybe so I well post them. I picked out the one I well do fore now.

1)Final Fantasy
2).Hack//Sign or .Hack//Game.
3)Genso Suikoden 3.

Yes I did get rid of the Sailor Moon one fore now who knows that might come Much, Much later...who knowns I know I did bet Final Fantsy 7. and I do like Final Fantsy 10. but I well warn you the Numbers mean nothing I well not fallow that older I well go Random so be warn I well think of the couples next I well Promise to get a stoy up by the end of may-june of some what between them it might take some time yet it so easy to do a story once you have you're mind in it. But I well see. and why Suikoden 3 and not 2 and 4?...well I thought of Genso Suikoden world becsue of the Ture Runes and the kind of Magic that Star Ocean world has maybe new Rune's barriers or Swich lives might happen. well see in time.

Thanks agin.

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